Who Took Johnny(2014)

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An examination of the infamous thirty-year-old cold case of Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch, the first missing child to appear on a milk carton. The film focuses on Johnny’s mother, Noreen Gosch, and her relentless quest to find the truth about what happened to her son. Along the way there have been mysterious sightings, bizarre revelations, and a confrontation with a person who claims to have helped abduct Johnny.

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David Beilinson

Suki Hawley


Suki Hawley

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Часто задаваемые вопросы о Who Took Johnny

Where can I watch the Who Took Johnny on the Web?
You can watch the Who Took Johnny online at Curiosity Stream
Who directed the Who Took Johnny?
The Фильм director is David Beilinson
Who starred in the Who Took Johnny?
Noreen Gosch, Johnny Gosch, John Gosch Sr. played the leading parts in the Who Took Johnny
How long does the Фильм last?
The running time of the Who Took Johnny is 80 minutes